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Tapaculo Lite Basic Spec.

  • PC based monitoring software
  • Manage records of data to a maximum of 128 channels in seconds
  • Compatible with Radionode USB products
  • Compatible with Radionode RN170 Series(Ethernet/WiFi)
  • Function of printing reports with graphs (daily report)
  • Real-time tracable chart viewer software
  • Support 32-channel x 4-Tab Dashboard
  • Support sound alarm functions
  • Support naming per channel



Tapaculo Lite


The user can set the alarm for his/her preferred channel. If the alarm settings are changed at the main menu, it is forwarded to the RN171 in the site, and the range of the alarm is registered on the product. If the data goes beyond the normal range, the screen turns into red and the RN171 in the site sounds the buzzer on its own. If the text message of the RN171 is activated, it sends a message, independent from the Tapaculo Lite.



If the daily report is selected from the menu, a program window for creating a report opens. Select the desired data channel and date, and the average/maximum/minimum values hour are created in the format of the data report and a data graph for the past 24 hours is created. It can be immediately printed and saved as a file.