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Tapaculo365 S2  SaaS

Data Monitoring Web Service for Industrial Sensors

Alert Notification via SMS,CALL

The Tapaculo365 service has the function of instantly letting the user know about the situation of the site through text or voice messages when the set threshold value is exceeded. The user can charge calls/texts with the card and view the number of texts/calls left. It also provides a history of the alarms, thus enabling the comparison of number of breakaway situations per month.

Huge Data Storage

Are you still using paper recorders or memory-type recorders? The Tapaculo365 service stores all data in a vast cloud. You can use the storage for free, for 20 channels. The stored data can be used to create various charts and reports.NO SQL based storage technology is quite huge enough to record your continuous sensor data and fast enough to view past sample data.

Web Service (Subscription)

Do not set up your infrastructure of a monitoring system spending your budget to SI. Just Pay as much as you use it. The Tapaculo365 has prepared all main functions for a sensor monitoring. Just Subscribe it and take advantage of the benefits of a lease type software with low cost. While you are using it, you can ask your specific requirement. We will not ignore them and try to update it in next update.



How to use the free Tapaculo365 service


Step 1. Purchase a Radionode product

The Tapaculo365 service is currently supporting Radionode product. If you buy the products RN001, RN171, RN400 at Radionode re-seller, you can use up to 20 channels of the Tapaculo365 web service for free.



 Step 2. Sign up for Tapaculo365

If you have purchased the Radionode product, you can go into the sign up page for Tapaculo365 and proceed to register. During the sign-up process, you will be asked to enter the serial number of the device. When signing up, cell phone number and email address are required.



Step 3. Enjoy the data monitoring service

Once you have finished registering the device and signing up, you can now log in to your account. When you do, make sure to verify the registered device. Choose the data channels of the user’s preference and create for the dashboard, detailed data view, reports and text/call alarm functions. There are 5 text and call alarms charged initially, and when in need, you can charge them on your own in the product information.




Main Features of Tapaculo365



Web Dashboard

Tapaculo365 supports the real-time viewing of data anytime and anywhere. Are you worried about the pressure and temperature of the site? If you use Tapaculo365, you can always open them through your smartphone. We support a dashboard that users can add/delete on their own

  • User defined dashboard (autonomic designation of location)
  • Can select widget with huge characters/widget with small characters
  • Change color according to status(Blue: normal, Grey: no data, Red: warning)
  • Support a mobile page for smartphones

View detailed data

The Tapaculo365 allows a detailed view of the recorded data. Select the sensor data that the user wishes, create a view, and select the view to simultaneously view the past data charts and data tables. The data viewing period can be selected from 24 hours, 1 week or 1 month. If you click the ‘save as file’ button, the data is downloaded into an Excel format.

  • Draw a data comparison chart
  • Download Excel file of data
  • View sensor data as charts and data
  • Custom views can be created(group designation)


Voice / Text Notification

Tapaculo365 notifies the registered user through a call or a text when the current data value exceeds the normal range set by the user. This function is a Tapaculo365 service provided only through an internet connection, without having to make contracts with other telecommunication companies.

  • User manually sets the alarm(threshold, recipients, etc.)
  • Costs for text messages/calls follows the pre-paid method
  • Provide a history of alarms sent(viewed monthly)
  • No telecommunication charges


Auto generation of reports

Tapaculo365 combines the data the user wants and creates a daily report, weekly report, monthly report and so on. If one selects the date after generating a report, the report is automatically created as shown in the figure, and immediately printed on an A4 sheet. This is truly advantageous especially for those who find it quite difficult to arrange data through Excel. Additionally, you can also receive the report via email. For those who find it inconvenient to log in and print the report, you can just set a time and Tapaculo365 will automatically forward the report to your email. You can set the time as 7pm daily, 12 noon of the 1st day monthly, etc.

  • Can create monthly, weekly, daily reports (Formatted in 1 page of A4)
  • Can compare up to 4 data
  • Can schedule sending of report emails (can designate up to 5 recipients)




up to 20 Channel (6 month)
RealTime Web Dashboard
Detailed Chart(24H Only)
Print Daily Report
SMS 2 Credit/month
CALL 2 Credit/month
EMAIL 30 Credit/month
Audit Trail (7 days Only)
Admin/User ID (1/0)
Single Login
up to 20 Channel
RealTime Web Dashboard
Detailed Chart
Print/Email All Report
SMS 1,000 Credit/Year
CALL 250 Credit/Year
EMAIL 250 Credit/Year
Audit Trail
Admin/User ID (1/0)
Multi Login
Virtual Channel
up to 40 Channel
RealTime Web Dashboard
Detailed Chart
Print/Email All Report
SMS 2,000 Credit/Year
CALL 500 Credit/Year
EMAIL 2000 Credit/Year
Audit Trail
Admin/User ID (1/1)
Multi Login
Virtual Channel
Open API
up to 80 Channel
RealTime Web Dashboard
Detailed Chart
Print/Email All Report
SMS 4,000 Credit/Year
CALL 1,000 Credit/Year
EMAIL 4000 Credit/Year
Audit Trail
Admin/User ID (1/5)
Multi Login
Virtual Channel
Open API
up to 160 Channel
RealTime Web Dashboard
Detailed Chart
Print/Email All Report
SMS 5,000 Credit/Year
CALL 1,500 Credit/Year
EMAIL 10,000 Credit/Year
Audit Trail
Admin/User ID (1/20)
Multi Login
Virtual Channel
Open API