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Seoul International Food Industry Exhibition(SEOUL FOOD 2018)


We show remote node sensor data monitoring technology at SEOUL FOOD 2018 which is the largest and largest B2B food industry exhibition in Korea.

How many refrigerators, freezers, and temperature control are you doing?

Have you written the measured temperature value on a paper sheet? Are you going to collect the papers?

Check it now on your PC or smartphone. The report will also be emailed to the radio node before we go to work. Keep your sensor data secure in a large database of cloud-based databases.

If anything is determined to be a problem, we will call you and your representative immediately. Of course, you can set the alarm to not occur when you load the material, ship the product, or defrost.

Waterproof thermometer with IP67 rating (RN400 WiFi data logger) is available so that you can use it with confidence in water cleaning. Now, concentrate on your work with ease.

I would like to ask you to visit a variety of people including food machinery and food manufacturing workers, hotel and restaurant workers.

○ Period: May 1 (Tue) to 4 (Fri), 10:00 to 17:00
○ Place: Kintex 2nd exhibition hall 7-8 holes
○ Booth: 7M541 DEKIST