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Connected DATA LOGGER for Temp/RH.


  • Looking for waterproof?
  • How long battery life span?
  • Is the data backed up?
  • Immediate voice call alarms
  • Remote monitoring(PC, Smart phone,…)
  • High level of WiFi security


RN400 H2

WiFi Temp/RH Data Logger

RN400 T2

WiFi Temperature Data Logger



Waterproof IP67/66

There are various industry environment, for example, Food manufacturer which give dining facilities a hose, pharmaceutical company sterilize using chemical, etc.. For meet the needs of various industry, we launch the waterproof wifi datalogger RN400. RN400 T2 for Temperature monitoring is built into a waterproof case, covered Gasket, with an IP67 class and In/output parts of sensor is processed by Cable Gland. RN400 H2 for temperature and humidity monitoring is applied high performance membrane filter instead of being sealed, designed measure the humidity but no infiltrated water in the RN400.

Low power consumption

RN400 is powered by batteries so planning battery power consumption is important. The device operates on Battery Saver Mode as the default other than during data sensing and transfer. Also, DC power can be used. RN400 applied Built-in UPS through the circuit, In black out, data collection could be proceed normally by embedded battery does the sub-power instantly.



WPA2-ENT , WiFi security

In order to better support the needs of multinational company, RN400 reflects enterprise-class wifi security. The commonly used home wireless router doesn’t support the function of Enterprise-class. It is used by business that need a high level of security. To use WPA2-ENTERPRISE,  not only wifi password but also ID/password and certification received from the computer department are needed.

MEMS Temp/RH sensor

RN400 H2 is installed a high-performance temperature-humidity sensor. MEMS sensors are supplied by specialist company in Switzerland. RN400 H2 is applied membrane filter for protect the Temp/RH sensor from water. Analog sensors(thermocouple, PT100, NTC) can be connected directly without a separate transmitter. Also calibration function ensures precise temperature.

 High durable F-RAM

All sensor data measured by RN400 is stored in F-RAM and transferred to the monitoring server user select. F-RAM is a non-volatile memory that does not lose its contents even when it is not powered. It is 100 times faster than normal flash memory and has very high write durability. Even when the WiFi is disconnected sensor data is stored F-RAM, Use the RN400 with confidence.

Huge storage Tapaculo365 cloud

Do you still use a paper recorder or a memory type recorder? The RN400 basically stores all the data in F-RAM, but transfers the stored sensor data to Tapaculo365(SaaS). Cloud-based monitoring software Tapaculo365 not only provides huge storage capacity, but also provides various functions with stored data(dashboard, report generation, voice call alarm, access log history, etc.). Are you still paying a lot of money to build your monitoring system? We provide you all functions at a cost of $0.006 per hour. Sign-in Tapaculo365 and check the work site anytime, anywhere.

How to use

Embedded Temp/RH sensor

Embedded Temp/RH sensor

membrane filter

RN400 H2 is installed a high-performance temperature-humidity sensor. MEMS sensors are supplied by specialist company in Switzerland and applied membrane filter for protecting the sensor from water.

External temperature sensor termianl

External temperature sensor termianl

NTC, PT100, Thermocouple

RN400 is supporting the extrernal temperature sensor (NTC, PT100, Thermocouple K Type). Additionally magnet door sensor can be connected to check if door is opend or not. Also there are a relay (220V 1A) that controlled by internal threshold value.



Just 5 sec, from detect to notification

RN400 H2EX, RN400 T2EX is added the function of  open/close door state detection. If you set the notification at Tapaculo365, alarm(voice call, sms, email, dashboard) is sent to the person in charge in 5 seconds.

OLED screen

OLED screen

Clear screen even at low temperatures

You can see the sensor data clearly wherever. Even in freezer, temperature and humidity data can be clearly seen through the unfreezing OLED screen attached on the front.

Waterproof and Dustproof

Waterproof and Dustproof


RN400 H2 for temperature and humidity monitoring is designed IP66, RN400 T2 for temperature monitoring is designed IP67. RN400 reliably measure and send sensor data in various environments.

Buzzer and Warning tower for notification

Buzzer and Warning tower for notification

Set the threshold and turn on the alarm(Buzzer&Relay)

Set the alarm threshold range using smart phone. For example, if CH1(Temp) value is out of the 2~8℃ range, alarm is sent(Relay On). Embedded buzzer and external relay for warning tower can be set when the deviation is occured. (Only for RN400-H2EX, RN400-T2EX)

Micro SD Card

Micro SD Card

for data back up and enterprise-class WiFi

Simply insert the micro SD card then the sensor data is saved. The file is saved in CSV format and created by date. the micro SD also keeps the required certificates when using Enterprise-Class WiFi.

Easy to set up

Easy to set up

magnet/screw hole

Inside RN400, 4 powerful magnets are embedded for easy installation. Simply attach RN400 to the place where you want to measure and you are done. Where the magnet can not be mounted, RN400 can be screwed into three screw holes.

RN400 Channel Information by Model


  • CH1: Temp(MEMS)
  • CH2: RH(MEMS)
  • CH3: Temp(NTC)


  • CH1: Temp(MEMS)
  • CH2: RH(MEMS)
  • CH3: Temp(T/C K or PT100)
  • CH4: Temp(T/C K or PT100)
  • CH5: Door
  • CH6: Relay


  • CH1: Temp(T/C K or PT100)
  • CH2: Temp(T/C K or PT100)
  • CH3: Door
  • CH4: Relay


  • CH1: Temp(T/C K or PT100)
  • CH2: Temp(T/C K or PT100)
  • CH3: Door
  • CH4: Relay


  • CH1: Temp(T/C)
  • CH2: Temp(T/C)
  • CH3: Temp(T/C)
  • CH4: Temp(T/C)


  • CH1: 4-20mA
  • CH2: 4-20mA
  • CH3: 4-20mA
  • CH4: 4-20mA


  • CH1: Temp(MEMS)
  • CH2: RH(MEMS)
  • CH3: Gas(RG10-NH3 or H2S)
  • CH4: Gas(RG10-NH3 or H2S)


  • CH1: PM2.5
  • CH2: PM10.0
  • CH3: PM0.5
  • CH4: PM1.0
  • CH5: PM4.0
  • CH6: Size µm


  • WiFi. : 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Security : upto WPA2-Enterprise
  • Humidity :MEMS Sensor(Temp&RH)
  • External Sensor :PT100, Thermocouple K, NTC
  • Battery :C type 1.5V 2EA or 3.5V 1EA
  • DC power:5~30V
  • Display :OLED 20 X 2 CHAR
  • Protect :IP66(H2), IP67(T2)
  • Backup Memory : F-RAM
  • Sensing :1, 5, 10, 20, 30(Min)
  • Sending :5, 10, 30, 60(Min)
  • Buzzer : Yes
  • Relay :Yes(for H2EX, T2EX model)
  • Mounting: Magnet or Screw hall
  • Destination: Tapaculo365 or User Server
  • Alarm: Voice call, SMS, Email , Relay

Order Number

  • RN400-H2PS: Temp, RH
  • RN400-H2EX: Temp, RH, Door, Warning Siren
  • RN400-T2PS: Temp(NCT)
  • RN400-T2EX: Temp(T/C or PT100), Door, Warning Siren
  • RN400-T2TS: Temp(Thermocouple)
  • RN400-T2CS: 4-20mA
  • RN400-T2GS: Gas
  • RN400-T2PM: Particle Matter


  • Temp Sensor: NTC, T/C K Type or T Type, PT100
  • Temp/RH Sensor: RG20
  • Gas Sensor: RG10-NH3(Ammonia), RG10-H2S(Hydrogen Sulfide)
  • Door Sensor
  • Warning Siren (12VDC)
  • 3.6V C Type Lithium Battery
  • 12V DC Adapter

 The easiest way to build up a monitoring system!