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Applications – Bio / Pharmaceutical

CO2 Incubator

Biotech companies use a lot of CO2 incubators. It supplies high density of CO2 to the incubator for a long period of time to grow cells. The Radionode UA51-CO2 Sensor measures a CO2 concentration of up to 20,000PPM and transmits it to the USB output. The RN172 WiFi Transmitter receives this data via USB and sends it to the Tapaculo 365. Log-in to Tapaculo 365, anytime, anywhere, and you can manage data logging, management, alarms, and reports all at once. We’re also providing basic data for our belief operations.

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Bio Herbal Storage

This is a herbal storage facility. It is a biotech company that produces materials such as essences by processing medicinal herbs. All five buildings are collecting data wirelessly. With the Radionode and Tapaculo365, the KFDA’s due diligence has become much easier.

Institute of Medicine

The city-run institute, which conducts various research on medicine, uses Radionode products for reagents management. They use the RN171 model and UA series to apply it to refrigerators, freezers, etc. to monitoring and managing temperature humidity with smart alarm for 24 hours a day.

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