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Applications – Mechanical

Production of automotive-related parts

The company produces automotive parts, and the compressed air is the primary energy source for turning the machine in the factory’s process, which significantly affects the quality of the product depending on the difference in pressure. RN910 receives the value of the installed pressure sensor as a 4-20mA signal and sends it wirelessly to the RN001 Base station to collect information in real time, and it manages all process data in Tapaculo 365.

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Aircraft related parts production

This company is the manufacturer of aircraft parts, and the air conditioning system in the plant plays an important role in the management and manufacturer of numerous and precision parts. However, the engineer does not trust information on the air conditioning system. In addition to installing a Zigbee series, that builds its own wireless network with a Zigbee method. RN300 can be changed is located in a required location, and temperature and humidity information are collected at all points. The RN001 Base station covers 40 of RN300s and provides monitoring to transfer the data to the control room’s server using HTTP to make adjustments.

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The Korea government’s Seed storage facility

This warehouse manages and stores all kinds of seeds used in Korea. The facility plays a very important role in the nation and is responsible for the distribution, maintenance, and improvement of Korea foodstuffs. There are about 10 warehouses installed the Radionode products and Zigbee Series is efficiently collect and manage data in a wide storage.

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