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Applications – Facilities

Museum Facility Management

Museums, Art Galleries, and Libraries require precisely controlled environmental conditions for proper storage of oftentimes priceless exhibits and artifacts. They can fluctuate frequently and dramatically and most museum items are affected in one way or another by excessive levels or frequent fluctuations. Uncontrolled temperatures can cause damage due to blistering, flaking, warping and melting. Temperature and humidity should be monitored and recorded continuously, 24 hours a day.

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Server Room Management

The data processing room management starts with temperature and humidity control, for monitoring strategy, multiple temperature sensors should be placed on top, middle, bottom of individual racks to measure the heat being generated by equipment, and at the air conditioning system’s intake and discharge vents. High humidity may lead to corrosion on electronic components and low humidity levels may cause issues with static electricity. With Radionode, you can take action immediately by phone or text if abnormal symptoms occur, and regular monitoring is the efficient way to manage.

Photo: Data processing room in the Governmental office for North Chungcheong Province.

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