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Applications – Others


The museum regularly manages temperature and humidity information for safe collections and display of artifacts. The method of visually viewing and recording by hand was used a lot, but it is changing to a method managed by the web by utilizing products capable of wireless communication. Radionode is the only product that can work well even with the completion of security calls of the internal computer network and a unique power operation policy.

Server room

Sever room management starts with temperature and humidity management and is managed with a thermo-hygrostat or air conditioner. This is a server room in the provincial office of Korea. By using the Radionode wireless temperature and humidity sensor, it is possible to check the temperature and humidity of the server room with a smartphone while collecting data in real-time. You are receiving a text message alarm when you set thresholds for both temperature and humidity and out of the appropriate range.

In small server rooms where it is difficult to make large-scale facility investment, the correct answer is to attach a Radionode temperature and humidity monitoring terminal.


In many cases, the environment is important depending on the goods stored in the warehouse. Measuring only the temperature and humidity of a large space every time is very difficult for humans to do. Subscribe to the central monitoring solution using Radionode’s products. RN17X is a product for measuring and managing various sensors in an easy way. The warehouse in the photo is an RN172 Plus model that transmits temperature and humidity to the center via Wi-Fi.