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Make it connected! How are you doing scrubber monitoring? The RN400-T2CS realizes real remote integrated monitoring. Anytime, anywhere in the office/home, the integrated dashboard board enables monitoring with a PC or smartphone. We conduct big data analysis research through industry-academia cooperation.



DEKIST & MYONGJI UNIV. Big data analysis cooperation

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Measurement technology complete! Measurement sensor data storage technology complete!

Now, analyzing the stored measurement data


DEKIST Co., Ltd has been making continuous exchanges with Myongji University with the aim of establishing an industry-academic cooperation system through the exchange of information with technical personnel in the IT field, joint use of equipment and facilities, and cooperative research projects.

Now, in order to produce information beyond the data level, we are carrying out a project to solve the challenges of industrial sites through data analysis. To this end, Dekist provides SaaS sensor data monitoring software, Tapaculo365, and Myeongji University analyzes data stored in the cloud.

We will do our best to cultivate AI talents who are familiar with data and make it a successful collaboration that applies project results directly to the industry.

Scrubber remote integrated monitoring

Chimney remote monitoring system (TMS; Tele-Monitoring System),sensor-network-monitoring platform collaboration

Support business facilities for the installation of atmospheric prevention facilities at small business sites, RN400-T2CS



The management and supervision of environmental pollution is increasingly being strengthened. In order to comply with the Metropolitan Air Quality Management Basic Plan and the Mid-term Comprehensive Environmental Preservation Plan, it is urgent to introduce advanced environmental technology to small and medium-sized business sites. Small business sites mainly use scrubbers (washing towers) as air pollution prevention facilities, and the condition management work for them has also become an essential task.

Scrubbers are used in a variety of industries. For example, it absorbs/dissolves and filters dust, pollutants, and gases generated in the process of manufacturing PCB or semiconductor chips. In particular, it is important to dissolve the gas produced when purifying a strong acidic solution used in the PCB production process with water, and then send the water to the wastewater purification facility.

① To manage the pH concentration of water in the scrubber
② To manage the blower pressure required for the suction/dissolution process
③ Monitor the pressure at which the cleaning liquid is sprayed
④ Monitor the equipment vibration

If you use the Radionode RN400-T2CS product, you can perform remote integrated monitoring by linking 4-20mA data. With the Radionode RN400-T2CS, you can build an ICT-based scrubber monitoring system suitable for the 4th industrial era at a reasonable cost. When an abnormality that deviates from the regulations occurs, it is notified by phone-call/SMS/email alarm in the user’s language, so it can react immediately when an abnormality occurs, and the management report required for operation and management is also automatically generated, increasing data reliability as well as manual work. As it is reduced, the management cost can be reduced.


RADIONODE® is a sensor data monitoring device. Tapaculo®365 web services provide a variety of features for integrated management of sensor information in the cloud.



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