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Make it connected! If you are concerned that the vaccine will not be stored at the right temperature, try managing it with the proven RN400. The Radionode has been selected as a temperature and humidity monitoring product for correctional facilities nationwide. We will inform you of the transfer of business expansion.



We’ve Moved to a New Office Location



We are pleased to announce the news of Dekist Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Radionodes, moved to expand the scale of the business site.

New address: A1801, 13, Heungdeok 1-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Selected as a Radionode as a Temp/RH monitoring product

for calibration facilities nationwide

Which smart IoT temperature/humidity monitoring product was selected by the Ministry of Justice’s correctional headquarters?

Radionode RN171 + UA10!



Radionode RN171+UA10 was selected as a temperature/humidity management product for about 50 calibration facilities located nationwide. In line with the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the Ministry of Justice is building a next-generation integrated calibration information system, a next-generation intelligent calibration information system phase 1 project, applying the latest ICT technology to an aging calibration information system from March this year to May 2021.


In line with this trend, the calibration headquarters aims to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity management of the common area within the facility so that manual management is not required, and has explored a smart temperature and humidity monitoring solution. Radionode RN171+UA10 was selected because ▲it does not require large-scale wiring work ▲saving human and material resources ▲it is a proven product that has already been introduced and used by leading companies such as Samsung, LG, and Bayer.


The UA10 has a built-in MEMS sensor with compression technology to measure temperature and humidity simultaneously with a quick response. The RN171 collects the site temperature and humidity information measured by the UA10 and sends all the data to the center.


Do you already have a server in use or development? Radionode supports a variety of data communication, so data can be sent to the server. Radionode solves the central management system and temperature and humidity management.


The importance of vaccine temperature management began to resurface


Have you ever thought,’It would be nice if someone was in charge of only temperature control’?

RN400, which not only manages the temperature in real-time for 24 hours but also reports, will solve it!



During vaccine delivery, exposure to room temperature has caused free flu vaccination to cease. Since vaccines basically contain protein components extracted from eggs, etc., if not stored at a low temperature of 2 to 8 degrees, there is a risk of deterioration, so it is important to maintain an appropriate temperature for each vaccine. Therefore, it is also important to keep the vaccines provided in the hospital at the proper temperature.


However, most hospitals with limited staff are difficult to monitor and configure temperature in real-time. Also, there is always the risk of massive financial losses from accidental failure or power outages of vaccine refrigerators in hospitals or pharmaceutical facilities.

Can you imagine,’It would be nice if I could prevent such an accident, manage the temperature in real-time, and write a report on my own’?
What you imagined has already come true. Reputable pharmaceuticals, Biolabs, and hospitals that use Radionode, such as Bayer, are already preventing accidents multiple times and processing their operations more efficiently.


The Radionode RN400 has a built-in magnet, so you can attach it to the refrigerator to complete the installation. In addition to monitoring whether or not the refrigerator maintains the proper temperature in real-time, industry-specific reports such as MKT reports are automatically generated. Now it’s your turn. Live in peace with Radionode RN400.

RADIONODE® is a sensor data monitoring device. Tapaculo®365 web services provide a variety of features for integrated management of sensor information in the cloud.



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