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Make it connected! Introducing the Radionode temperature management solution for museums. Radionode also does temperature monitoring for foods like gelato. New web page, help.radionode365.com! It was created for more convenient technical support. We will proceed from connecting the product to starting monitoring.


The museum’s numerous exhibition halls/stores,

Solved by Radionode’s cloud-based integrated monitoring


The report is automatically generated,
and you can print it out and submit it without writing



The indoor environment of the exhibition hall and the storage room can be said to be the core competitiveness to keep it there. Terracotta Warriors in the Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shi Huang, China were painted in various colors at the time of excavation, but they were all hoped for hours after exposure to air and sunlight. These sensitive exhibition artifacts and works must be kept in a certain environment.


How do museums and art galleries, which must always maintain optimal environmental conditions, manage the site? Radionode provides a museum temperature and humidity monitoring solution to maintain its preservation environment with accurate and stable measurements and to quickly detect and respond to sudden changes in the environment.


In addition to 24/7 monitoring, when the temperature is out of reach, contact the operator to notify the operator. You can also instantly check the museum environment using the QR code attached to the site, and the automatically generated monthly report allows you to check at a glance whether there is a deviation in the operating standards of each storage and environment.


Are you short of manpower and cost compared to the numerous exhibition halls and storage? Let’s solve that problem with the integrated monitoring of Radionode.

Gelato temperature monitoring,

Radionode RN400


The basics of providing safe food, temperature management!
Suitable temperature monitoring for fresh material management room and finished product storage area



Gelato, one of the cool summer desserts, has become popular as a low-calorie dessert, and there are many gelato stores around. In particular, since many shops are pursuing same-day manufacturing at stores, we place importance on temperature management for each of the fresh material storage space, manufacturing space, and storage location.


As a result, the sale of Radionode RN400 to the Gelato store continues. With a cloud-based monitoring program, stores can be managed remotely, and if the temperature exceeds the specified temperature for each storage container, it is notified by phone or text to each person in charge.


Spend a cool summer with the safe management of material storage, manufacturing process, and finished product storage with Radionode RN400.

Launched Radionode technical support website



From product power connection to monitoring start
Youtube video link too!



You have seen using Radionode around you, or through internet searches, you’ve learned that Radionode products increase work efficiency and make you a healthy workplace.


So if you’ve bought it and you’re wondering how to use it with data loggers, sensors, monitoring software, and more, visit the Radionode’s technical support web page (help.radionode365.com).


We share a variety of data, including how to use each device, manuals for each software, tips for developing your software to utilize data measured by Radionode, and applications for Radionode.


Of course, if you have any other questions, please leave a question. Our product manager will respond to you.

RADIONODE® is a sensor data monitoring device. Tapaculo®365 web services provide a variety of features for integrated management of sensor information in the cloud.



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