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Make it connected! How is the air smell? Introducing the UA50 VOC meter, which can be measured with a smartphone, a laptop. The process of registering a device with Tapaculo365 has been simplified. Check the radio node at the ENVEX environmental exhibition held next month.


The device registration process has been simplified


Scan QR code > Enter only i-CODE
Channel registration complete!



The process from tapaculo365 to device registration and channel registration has been simplified. When registering an existing RN400 product, you had to go to the Add Device menu and Add Channel menu, respectively, but now you can register at once from the New Device menu without moving the menu.


When the RN400 product is turned on, the message ‘Enter iCode on TP365 iCode: XXXX’ is displayed on the OLED screen. Tapaculo365 Scan the QR code in the Add Device menu and enter the iCode to complete device registration and channel registration at once, making it more convenient than ever.


The model that can easily register a device by scanning the QR code is RN400, and it will be applied to the RN17X model later. [Scan QR code> Enter i-CODE] Register your device in 2 easy steps! Monitor with Tapapuro 365 for more convenience.

Manage indoor air quality comfortably with UA50


Android connection OK, laptop connection OK, data sharing OK
Measurement continues even in the standby mode of the smartphone!



Air quality, what criteria did you manage? Since 1996, in the United States, carbon dioxide alone is regarded as insufficient for indoor air quality management standards, and has been interested in and managed with VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). Unlike carbon dioxide, VOC smells and, when present in large amounts, can cause chronic central nervous system disorders such as fatigue, decreased memory, and dementia.


In Korea, to manage VOCs generated in various facilities, standards were set for each facility and the enforcement rules were published. Are you curious about the indoor air quality in various spaces such as your office, vehicle interior, hospital, shop, etc., and the indoor air quality while working on the interior (paint, tile, etc.)?


Since the UA50 VOC meter is a USB-shaped sensor, it can be used on smartphones and on laptops, making it convenient. The radio node UA50, which uses a fast-responsive Swiss sensor, starts measuring immediately by simply connecting the device, so you can check the VOC in real time, and if it exceeds the threshold, it responds immediately and sounds an alarm. Check in real time with the VOC sensor in your hand, UA50.


* UA50-A Measurement Mode
 – MODE 1 : tVOC (Measurement Range: 0 ~ 10,000 ppb), Absolute humidity (Measurement Range: 0 ~ 256 g/㎥)
– MODE 2 : tVOC (Measurement Range: 0 ~ 10,000 ppb), CO2eq (Measurement Range: 400 ~ 10,000 ppm)


Radionode invites you


ENVEX 2020 42nd Environmental Exhibition ENVEX
June 17(Wed) ~ 19(Fri), 2020



Radionode will participate in ENVEX 2020, the representative environment exhibition in Korea. Check out the radionode that can integrate on-site management in various places such as water treatment facility management, livestock facility odor management, hazardous gas management, indoor air quality management, etc.

I know the need for monitoring, but it was hard to build realistically? Introducing monitoring solutions applicable to your business. Check real-time data anytime, anywhere, as well as create various reports and emergency alarms! Build a safe workplace and realize it with radionodes.

It supports LTE, WiFi, RS-485 communication, and provides SDK. It doesn’t matter which sensor or what communication method. You can check the sensor data on the desired server.

Please check directly at COEX Hall A, G19 WISMAX booth.
> ENVEX2020 Invitation


* Wismax is a specialized Radionode dealer.

RADIONODE® is a sensor data monitoring device. Tapaculo®365 web services provide a variety of features for integrated management of sensor information in the cloud.



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