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Make it connected! Where are you using the radio node? We share examples of radio node sensor data monitoring in use in ESS (temperature, humidity), sewage treatment facilities (oxygen, hydrogen sulfide), and SMT manufacturing facilities (PH, pressure).


Case 1. ESS temperature and humidity management, remote monitoring with RN171


OO Chemical, RN171 + UA10 1,000 SET installation



Although there is a high interest in various alternative energy sources such as solar power, water power, and wind power, it is difficult to guarantee stable power supply due to environmental variables such as weather, and the need for ESS (Energy Storage System) is expanding. At the same time, the incidence rate of ESS fire accidents is also increasing, and as experts consider the main cause of fire to be more than a battery, the environmental information of the ESS facility storing the battery is used as very important data. In addition, the necessity of introducing remote monitoring has been heightened, as the outdoor transfer of indoor facilities in buildings that are accessible to the public is promoted.

Therefore, OO Chemicals inquired to the radio node to remotely monitor the internal temperature and humidity of the ESS. The radio node is designed to transmit the temperature and humidity data measured by the UA10 temperature and humidity sensor in real time to the remote server using the RN171 (Ethernet / MODBUS-TCP support) Ethernet transmitter, and installed 1,000 SET.

Case 2. Sewage treatment facility, monitors industrial safety with UA5X


Using the optical oxygen sensor UA52,
and the electrochemical hydrogen sulfide sensor UA54



In the sewage treatment plant, sediment (sludge) mixed with the sewage will generate hydrogen sulfide. In summer, there are many suffocation bins in manholes or septic tanks, with the highest proportion of hydrogen sulfide. The Ministry of Employment and Labor also urges the company to check the proper air quality by measuring the concentration of harmful gases such as oxygen concentration and hydrogen sulfide to prevent invisible oxygen deficiency or suffocation disaster caused by hydrogen sulfide leakage.

At OO Golf Course, which has several branches nationwide, we wanted to continuously manage oxygen concentration and hydrogen sulfide concentration for sewage treatment of golf courses and industrial safety in lake purification facilities. So, by installing UA52 oxygen sensor and UA54 hydrogen sulfide sensor, we provided tapaculo365 web monitoring service to provide integrated management of data across the country to increase work productivity.


Case 3. RN400-T2CS remotely manages cleaning water PH concentration and pump pressure


OO Electronics, Implements Cloud Monitoring at Low Cost



Water plays a very important role in the semiconductor industry. This is because the cleaning process is essential for various process processes. The PH of the cleaning water and the pressure of the cleaning water pump to remove contaminants attached to the display and semiconductor surfaces have a great influence on the quality. There are also heavy metals that can be removed only by injecting certain chemicals to adjust the PH and ORP. In the process, ammonia water leaked, and employees suffered from vomiting and complained of pain.


Although the PH concentration of the washing water and the pressure management of the washing water pump are important management points, it is very cumbersome and difficult to go directly to the site and check the degree. Therefore, OO Electronics was able to remotely manage facility data by connecting the 4-20mA output PH sensor and pressure sensor to the RN400-T2CS product. It is possible to manage various information more efficiently, such as comparing and analyzing the PH concentration of washing water by location with data transmitted to the Tapaculo 365 cloud in real time.

RADIONODE® is a sensor data monitoring device. Tapaculo®365 web services provide a variety of features for integrated management of sensor information in the cloud.



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