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Make it connected! Radionode will be on display at the automation world exhibition, which runs for three days from March 4 to 6. Sign up for an invitation and try it out on the spot~ Tapaculo 365 has been updated. Manage your site more easily with the app management function.


Tapaculo365 update


Scan the QR code, immediately retrieve sensor data without login
Check data trend in graph and manage on-site



What is the fine dust concentration in your office? Print a QR code from Tapaculo 365 and paste it around. Scan to your smartphone and instantly see real-time sensor data record charts without login procedure.

You can see data trends for one day, three days, and seven days at a glance. You can touch the graph to specify the time to zoom in and view the data values ​​over time. Press the share button to share with your team.

* How to manage particulate matter data by QR code (app management): View data> click on the desired data in the lookup list> click on the Manage Apps button> select and save password> save QR code or copy link

Radionode invites you


Automation World 2020
See you at the show



The exhibition will showcase the Automation World radio nodes that showcase the latest solutions in the manufacturing process.

Temperature, humidity, gas (O2, CO, CO2, NH3, H2S, …), 4-20mA … What are you monitoring?
Did you write the measured sensor values ​​on a paper record sheet?
Do you go to withdraw recording papers?

Now get the report by mail ~
Radionode supports USB, Ethernet / Wifi, Zigbee, HTTP, RS-485 communication, and also provides SDK.

It doesn’t matter which sensor or what type of communication. You can check the sensor data on the server of your choice.

Check it out at COEX Hall A, H-100 booth.
See you at the show.

> 2020 Automation World Invitation Link

RADIONODE® is a sensor data monitoring device. Tapaculo®365 web services provide a variety of features for integrated management of sensor information in the cloud.



RADIONODE® and Tapaculo® are manufactured by DEKIST Co., Ltd. Are registered trademarks of RADIONODE products and software were developed by DEKIST Co., Ltd.