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Make it connected! Introducing the new RN400-T2GS radionode gas monitoring system. How many monthly events did Tapaculo365 take? Check it now!


The New RN400-T2GS Gas Monitoring System


Monitoring of Hydrogen sulfide, Ammonia gas
Voice call alarm if an error is detected in the site safety



The RADIONODE gas monitoring data logger RN400-T2GS measures up to two channels of gas concentration and transmits the measured data via Wi-Fi to the cloud or to your server. In addition to Wi-Fi, RS485 outputs can also be sent to existing devices such as PLCs and industrial recorders.

You can monitor the concentration of the gas in real time or download it to a CSV file. You can print out various data such as out-of-threshold alarm history, report generation, and comparison charts.

Safely manage the site with RN400-T2GS with fast gas detection response.

* Where to Use: To detect gas leaks during manhole work, to monitor the farm environment, such as money and poultry, and to ensure industrial safety.

In fact, I’m the one who measures toxic gas-RG10


Use of Swiss gas sensors with excellent linearity, responsive and fast response speed




RG10, an accessory of the RN400-T2GS, uses an electrochemical gas sensor to measure various gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Because it is an electrochemical gas sensor, it shows excellent linearity and repeatability and fast reaction speed.

The RG10 is shipped after calibration, so no further calibration is required after receipt. If the gas sensor has reached the end of its life time or if you want to change the type of gas you want to measure, simply purchase the RG10. You can easily replace it without any additional equipment.

Currently available gas sensors include RG10-NH3-100 (Ammonia) and RG10-H2S-50 (Hydrogen Sulfide).
The gas types to be measured will be more diverse.


Tapaculo365 Update


View your monthly credit usage




How many notifications have you received from Tapaculo 365 in this month? Tapaculo 365 is currently categorized into Yellow, Eco, Silver and Gold. Each type of service will have a different number of built-in text / call / email credits. How are the credits given to my service being used now being used? You can search immediately in the monthly text / call / email usage menu.

In the Text / call / Email Usage tab, you can check the graph of monthly and yearly cumulative credit usage and trends. The Usage List tab shows when and for what reason the credit increased or decreased, so you know how much you have left.

* View route: Login to Tapaculo365 > Click on the service type name(Yellow / Eco / Silver / Gold) at the top of the right > Click the ‘Credit Report’


RADIONODE® is a sensor data monitoring device. Tapaculo®365 web services provide a variety of features for integrated management of sensor information in the cloud.



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