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Make it connected! UA20 is able to monitor electric current and also voltage too. RN400-T2CS, analog to the digital transmitter which able to transmit Temperature, Pressure, Level, Noise, … sensors. How does the FPCB manufacturer manage raw materials?  Be RADIONODE now!


UA20-C, 0~1V to Digital


Monitoring all the time
Noise monitoring with AR 824



UA20, which is compatible with various current sensors, is now available by connecting voltage sensors used on the spot.

You can easily create a monitoring environment with sensor connection without replacing existing devices or making new constructions.

If you use noise sensor with UA20-C, you can monitor noise from the site(Tapaculo365, User server, PLC, …) anytime.

As other UA series, UA20-C has various mode for various external sensors.

* Mode
MODE 2: LO/HI EDGE(Out Bound)
MODE 4: LO/HI EDGE(In Bound)


RN400-T2CS, 4 CH of analog transmitter 


How do you monitor various sensors on site?
RN400-T2CS collect all!




You use a variety of sensors for field management, such as temperature, differential pressure, PH, particle, etc. How do you manage these various sensor values?

With the RN400-T2CS product, you can monitor all the data on the current sensor, including pressure, wind speed, water level, vibration, and noise, on one screen. Each measured data can be transmitted to the cloud via Wi-Fi to transmit data to the user’s server as well as monitoring software we provide.

With RN400-T2CS, which supports a variety of communications and sensors, integrate your site at a glance.

RADIONODE on the site


FPCB manufacturing company with RN400-T2EX
The best partner to secure the raw materials as perfect condition



We installed a RADIONODE at an FPCB manufacturing company located in Gyeonggi-do; we contacted the RADIONODE was due to reasonable solution costs. Before customer learned about the RADIONODE, they got huge amounts of monitoring systems for various measuring equipment such as temperature, humidity, gases, etc installation quotation.

The customer, who is a manufacturer of various types of PCBs, was looking for a reasonable price range, they got to know the RADIONODE products through the exhibition(Automation World 2019). When manufacturing FPCBs, semiconductor films are used. If the film is left at room temperature, it should be discarded. So it is important to keep the film at the proper temperature.

We installed a cryogenic temperature sensor in each freezer with RN400-T2EX product. when the temperature reached the warning level, the system will send emails to each person in charge. The customer was very satisfied that could-based web monitoring software Tapaculo365 which is automatically linked to the product. It can be used as a SaaS and Low-cost fee while providing the functions needed on the spot.

Reasonable cost, Reliable system, Smart Alarm. Increase your production value!

RADIONODE® is a specialized terminal for monitoring sensor data. Various functions are provided through the Tapaculo®365 web service to enable integrated management of sensor information in the cloud.



RADIONODE® and Tapaculo® have registered trademarks of DEKIST Co., LTD. RADIONODE products and software were developed by DEKIST.