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Make it connected! In Korea, The Food and Drug administration manages food quality with Food poisoning index which is a formula for current temperature and humidity. Now, Tapaculo365 will calculate itself and show you with easily and graphically. Also, UA50-A is a VOC sensor which will detect various abnormal situation via VOC gases.


New Text Tapaculo365 widget


Now, you see important data with text, not numbers.



If the current food poisoning index is showing 83, what is the risk level? You do not have to memorize all levels of the index, new Text widget will show you it as Attention / Warning / Risk / Danger on Tapaculo365.

The text widget is not only on the virtual channel, now the widget is showing data’s level with color multi-language text and emoji as well. Sensor data becomes a clear message!

* Setting Text Widget

Tapaculo365(s2.tapaculo365.com) Log-in > Menu > Dashboard > [+Add widget] > Select Text Widget > [Save]

What kind of smell are you smelling at the industrial site?

UA50-A, a metal oxide gas sensor will let you know how bad it is.




In the past, the emergence of SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) has led to problems related to VOCs. a 1984 Wolrd Health Organization reports suggested up to 30% of new and remodeled buildings worldwide may be subject complaints related to poor indoor air quality.

According to a 2018 report published in science, consumer and industrial products account for half of the air pollution sources in 33 industrialized cities around the world, mainly due to volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

VOCs occur in high concentrations in industrial facilities such as oil refining and petrochemical products manufacturing, low-oil/mainstreamers, and ship/car manufacturing. If you have an explosion from a steam leak in these industries, the damage is very significant. This does not free general office from VOCs. VOCs contained in building materials are also released from the enclosed interior of the building.

The government ministries and agencies regulate the level of pollutants subject to management under various applications, such as subways and public facilities. Due to increased public awareness of air quality, more and more VOCs are inquiring about VOCs monitoring to reduce the occurrence of VOCs.

For UA50-A, it can detect the organic compound from burning plastic and it can alert to the user asap for preventing bigger accident or fire. As other UA series, UA does not need any additional transmitter for sensor value to digital.

VOCs are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. Their high vapor pressure results from a low boiling point, which causes large numbers of molecules to evaporate or sublimate from the liquid or solid form of the compound and enter the surrounding air, a trait known as volatility.

* UA50-A Mode
– MODE 1 : tVOC (Sensor range : 0 ~ 10,000 ppb), Absolute Humidity (Sensor range : 0 ~ 82.93 g/㎥)
– MODE 2 : tVOC (Sensor range : 0 ~ 10,000 ppb), CO2eq (Sensor range : 400 ~ 60,000 ppm)


Radionode on Site


Temperature data management in Milk manufacturing facilities.



Have you ever forgotten to milk left outdoor? Milk which has easily perishable properties that it is must for sterilization as it is accompanied by a variety of microorganisms when milking.

The KFDA also says that it is a “sterilization report” to look at milk manufacturers first.

○○ Milk producers, which produces AAA grade milk, using Tapaculo 365 for managing site temperature and using the auto-report system.

They saved much time and effort for extracting the temperature record from tacometta and printing every data from each site.

Also, Tapaculo365 have adjustable report function that can see compared data, so they could improve their milk qualities and increased quantities


RADIONODE® is a specialized terminal for monitoring sensor data. Various functions are provided through the Tapaculo®365 web service to enable integrated management of sensor information in the cloud.



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